Saturday, 19 September 2015

Favourite brushes this week

This week I have been loving the real technique brushes and I thought I would do a post about my four favourites from this week. Sorry about a couple of the brushes being dirty I haven't cleaned them yet.
Bold metals real technique 100 brush-I have been in love with this brush for ages now and it's that it is so soft and delicate on your skin. The idea of having a triangle handle at first I admit I wasn't so keen on the idea but I love that now because it fits perfectly in to your hand. It also applys the perfect amount of makeup on your face so there is not too much.
Real technique multi task brush-this is one of my newest brushes and I love it, I use it to apply a light layer of blush on my cheeks as I find it adds the right amount to not make it look like your wearing to much. The hair of the brush is so delicate and is smooth on your skin which feels great. I love the look of this brush with the bright pink handle and I recommend this brush a lot.
Real technique contour brush-This is the perfect size for a contour brush as it is right to get the proper definition of your cheekbones. I find it annoying when they call a brush a contour brush but it is way too big for contouring where as this one is perfect. It also gathers the perfect amount so it doesn't look too heavy on your face which makes you look a bit like a clown.
Real technique deluxe crease brush-I use this brush for concealer as my foundation brush is too big and this is the perfect size for round the nose and under the eye. It is easy to conceal round the eyes as it is more small and less dense so you can get closer to the eye as it is more small.


  1. Loooooove the real techniques brushes =) Wonderful to work with, fluffy, and affordable!

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    Wow, great review! Very informative. Tempted to try these now... =)

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  2. They are great and very good prices for their quality