Thursday, 30 July 2015


Today I went in super drug with my friends and they all tried to persuade me to buy a Kate moss lipstick as they say these lipsticks are amazing. Also whilst wondering round super drug I came to the Tanya burr part and I decided to pick up the lipgloss in chic.
The Rimmel Kate moss lipstick I picked up is 34 as I loved the colour of it, I've been searching for ages to find the right shade of a pinky nude lipstick and this colour was the exact one I've been looking for. This applys so smoothly to the lips and looks really pretty. It is creamy, long lasting, pigmented and is great value for the amount of money. I wore this today and it is long lasting and doesn't rub off when you eat. I wish that these lipsticks though have names instead of numbers. I am definitely going to buy some more colours as I love it.
Over the past month I have been loving lip glosses as they make my lips feel so smooth after applying. This colour is so pretty and subtle it just has a little bit of shimmer. It is so easy to apply with the applicator and I love the size as it can easily fit in your bag. I am in LOVE with the smell, does anyone else remember them lolly pops where you have to open a little plastic box to get to the lolly and you can close it, it smells like the strawberry version and it brings back so many memories.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Quick buys

This weekend I went for a holiday with the family in Llandudno (we go every year) and always on the second day we go shopping so in this post I'm going to show you a couple of things I bought. 

The first thing I bought was a top and if you read my last post you would of seen I bought a pair of shorts and I loved the shorts, so when I walked into miss selfridge and I saw the same pattern but on my top and I got so excited. The top has two flaps and it leaves a gap showing your tummy. I like the fact that it's a high neck because I don't really like low down tops at the moment and it has a zip at the back. When I wear the top and shorts together it's basically just like wearing a jumpsuit. I was also planning to wear the top with some high waisted slim black jeans as I think they would look really pretty together.

The other top I bought was a top from topshop and I love it, it's so comfy. I bought this top to basically just chill in. The material is so soft and loose it's just great, I love the stripes at the moment. I think this top would look great with a pair of dark jeans or with some dungarees. The top is great as the sleeves aren't too long as you get some tops with really long sleeves and you have to keep rolling them up.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Floral shorts

Today I went for a trip down Birmingham in search for summer clothes as most my clothes are for winter so it's the time of year (yaaaaay) which I love as I get to buy a whole new wardrobe for summer time. When I was going through the shops and I got into miss selfridge I found these shorts and fell in love at first sight. These shorts were reasonable priced at £28 as they are great quality. I love the design of these shorts with the flowers as it makes me feel so summery and I can't wait to wear it in Tenerife. The flowers are so pretty with a streak of pink in them as it gives a great effect. The material is really soft and feels quite silky which is a really nice feeling. I also like the fact that it has a hook to keep it up instead of a button as I find buttons really hard sometimes and the clasp is much easier. When I was trying on these shorts I was thinking what should I wear with them and I was thinking a pretty little vest top like at the bottom picture or a really cute shirt. I decided to wear a black vest top as it will make the colour of the flowers stand out more.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Past reads

Today I was sorting through my room and at the back of my wardrobe I found this book and it brings back great memories. This was the first ever book I properly read on my own before I went to sleep and at times I found it so hard to put it down as I loved it so much. This was my favourite book for ages as I loved the storyline it got my mind going and I imagined everything that was going on. The magic faraway tree is great if you have a younger sibling or a daughter I'm not sure if boys would like it (I don't think they would) it is a great story and makes you want to carry on reading till late at night. I love the front cover of this book as it looks exciting with different pictures of the tree and the metallic gold stars as it makes them look like they're glowing, the name of the author is also glowing and it looks so bright. I really recommend this book if your child or sister love adventures and like to meet loads of new characters.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Summer essentials

I love summer so much especially the tanning but the burning not so much I hate it when you start to peel as my skin feels so dry. To help with peeling my essential lotion is the Vaseline (aloe fresh) as this really helps to sooth my skin. Another good point about this is that it's not to thick because there's nothing worst than a thick consistency as it makes you feel really sticky so I really recommend this. I love the smell of this its is so fresh smelling and I love it. 
Another problem with the sun is that it can cause my lips to become dry so I have to use lip balm and my favourite one at the moment is from body shop as it it keeps your lips silky smooth. The taste is really nice like cherrys and is quite sweet. 
One other thing is something I like but I feel as though I could of came up with it myself it's basically water in a can. When your lying in the sun and you want a refreshing sprites to call you down this is great as it lasts a long time and works really well. 
When it's summer a lot of the time I forget to drink water so I can feel unhydrated and this summer I've decided to drink 5 litres of water a day as I know it will help with spots as well.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Summer essentials for my hair

Yay it's summer can't believe it's that time already. Now that it's summer my hair can become so dry with the sun on it so to fix this I use a oil and it smells so good. You can tell the difference once you start wearing this as it makes the end of your hair so smooth and helps to control my wavy hair my hair has become so much easier to handle as the quality has improved. Now that it's time that the sun is out and you become all sweaty and your hair gets all messed up what you need is hair spray. This is a lifesaver for me in summer as it keeps my hair all in place also I love the smell. Another important thing is bobbles and bobby pins as it help keeps your hair out your eyes if it starts to get windy.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Favourite body mist

Over June I have been loving these three sprays they are all so fresh smelling and are also at a reasonable price. All of these are my favourite this month but one I would mostly lean towards would be my ted baker cause I love it. I find that it leaves a fresh smell through the whole day so when the wind blows you get a quick smell and I love it when that happens. I also love the design of the packaging with the bright coloured buildings as they stand out so well (partly I just love pink). In close second is my Hollister spray as it smells so sweet if your not keen on sweet sents I don't recommend this for you. With this you have to spray more than once a day if you want to keep the sent throughout the day and I love the pink flowers. My jack wills is another favourite as the smell is so nice and long lasting. I just love though how it will last you ages as I've had it for two months now and it looks like I've never used it but I love it. Also here's a tip for a hot day you can put your spray in the fridge and then when you spray it will cool you down a bit.