Saturday, 20 June 2015

Essie nail polish

Eddie nail polish are my favourite as they are all so nice and pretty. The colours of them are so beautiful. I'm going to give a review on my 3 most favourite colours which are lilacism, Fiji and Jamaica me crazy. 
Lilacism- I'm normally one to stick to the classic dark red or dark maroon colours. I love a darker shade on my nails as I have quite fare skin and lighter colours can tend to wash me out. But this summer I wanted something different so I thought I'd try out this colour and I loved it. This is a perfect summer nail polish and I really recommend this for your next mani pedi.
Fiji- I bought this colour to replace another pale pink because my other one took 5-6 layers to get it opaque. Where as with Fiji it just takes 2 or 3 to get opaque which is great for a pastel colours. This polish is also great as it doesn't leave streaks on your nail which is great. I wear this polish loads and it will remain in my collection for a while. 
Jamaica me crazy- I love the name of this polish it's great. Perfect purpley-pink shade with a hot pink shimmer. I simply love this for all seasons on both fingers and toes. The texture of this nail polish is great when wet and dry as it is so smooth I love it and this will definitely stay in my collection. I have fallen in love with this colour.


  1. These colours are so pretty! Love the Lilacism one - it looks like a nice, neutral kinda shade. :)

  2. These colours are so pretty. I love the lilac shade and have been wanting one like this for ages and it's a nice summer/spring colour. Essie is so expensive in Australia which sucks because I would love to buy some x

  3. These colors are gorgeous. Essie has some of the best nail colors.
    Thanks for sharing!