Wednesday, 30 December 2015

What I got for Christmas

I can't believe Christmas has been and gone, it's my favourite day and it's a shame it's only once a year. For this post I'm just going to show you what I got for Christmas. Enjoy!!!

These next ones were my main presents which were my favourite.
This soap and glory set is so good and I will be writing a post about it in January.
I love this Liz Earle product it is pink pepper and mint. I can already tell the difference of what it has done to my skin.

This Clinique chubby stick is so moisturising on the lips.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Eve GRWM

Merry Blogmas!!
I can't believe it is Christmas Eve already, this month has gone past so quick I can't believe it. For this post I am going to go through what I might wear for Christmas Eve. Enjoy!!!
First thing to this is the Coco Chanel lipgloss, as the outfit is practically all black I thought I would add a bit of colour with this pinky red lip gloss.

The shoes are my favourite I love them so much, they were purchased from topshop. They are so comfy to wear. I am in love!!! Next thing is this skirt and again it is from topshop. I love the detailing with the black and gray it looks so pretty. It is quite short so if you feel uncomfortable in short skirts I wouldn't recommend but I do wear tights with it.
I have worn this top a lot this week because it is so comfy. This is from new look and it looks so good. I love the sleeves because they are not long and they are also not too short.
What's your Christmas Eve outfit?

Monday, 14 December 2015

Favourite youtubers this Christmas

Merry blogmas!!!
For the past week I haven't been feeling well so I've gone to school for a while. On my days off it can get very boring so I thought I would share some youtubers who I love to watch at the moment. Enjoy!!!

Zoella has always been one of my favourite youtubers and I love the fact that this year on both her channels she uploads a video everyday. On her vlog channel I love the intro it is just so cute. Her videos always put a smile on my face  and cheers me up if I had a bad day. I always love her fashion sense and her makeup is always great.
Alfie's vlogs are always great they never let me down, they are always upbeat and he always seems to be happy and then it makes me happy. He always vlogs everyday and he practically always uploads on time.
Sacconejolys are amazing youtubers they never post a video up late and they vlog everyday which must be hard. Eduardo and Emelia are both so cute and she looks like such a fab big sister. Their videos never fail they always make me happy and if I have a bad day I always look forward to 6O'Clock which I always look forward too.

Emily Canham is a new youtuber I have been watching recently and I think she is really good. Her videos are always on point and I always look forward to her videos when I see she has uploaded. My favourite videos she does is her beauty looks.

Eve is another youtuber I have recently found out about, and I love her videos so much. I love the fact that she is my age so I can relate to watch she says about how she has to revise. Her videos are always upbeat and are great. Also on her vlog channel the intro is so funny as she is dressed as an elf. LOVE IT!!
Tanya's vlogs this Christmas have been great I think they are better than last years and I thought that was great. I thought that earlier in the year, Tanya wasn't going to be doing vlogging this Christmas and I was so excited when I found out she was and I love her advent Callander!!

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Dealing with a cold

Merry blogmas!!!
Dealing with a cold at Christmas honestly has to be the worst, with the sore throat, blocked nose and coughing fits. I thought I would share with you some of the things I do when I get a cold. Enjoy!!!
One thing which helps me is a warm black current squash, I didn't like the taste of it warm at first but I got use to it so I really love it now. Epparently it helps with your sinuses and opens them up what ever that means but it still seems to work well.
When you have a blocked nose you should try and use soft tissue because it doesn't hurt your nose as much. Another tip for your nose is at night time put Vaseline on your nose so when you wake up in the morning it will not hurt and it will feel soft.
Soothers are for your throat when it hurts, I love the black current flavour because I love the taste it is the best when you get to the middle and the liquid comes out.
These active health gummy things in my opinion are great for colds because it gives you a boost of energy. Colds are always really draining these are great.
What do you do to get rid of a cold?

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

This weeks Christmas favourites

Merry blogmas!!!
This weeks Christmas favourites is very different to any other favourites post I have done. Instead of having all the beauty products it's going to have necklaces, books and music. Enjoy!!!

The first thing which I have been loving is this piano piece which is 'not about Angels' by Birdie. I think this is such a great song to play on the piano and I don't know if it's just me but I think this song is quite Christmassy. It is about five pages long but so far I have only learnt the first couple of pages and it's going along really well.
I got this necklace last year at Christmas and this week I have just loved wearing it. I got this from my dads cousin as she makes her own jewellery, she makes these out of old spoons and jewels off old necklaces and bracelets and she scratches your name on it. I think this looks so pretty on and goes with practically every outfit.
Again a necklace is on my favourites, this one is a lot older as I got it at my christening. It's Winnie the Pooh and I think that it's so cute. The for around the kneck is quite short but it's nothing like a choker. This week again I have worn this everyday.
The Sophie Mckenzie books are really good and I can't put her books down this is because she always leaves a cliffhanger at the end of the chapter. I have mentioned one of her other books in an earlier post and that got me into her books. I still haven't finished the whole book yet and it's so good but I don't want to give any spoilers away.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Christmas stocking gifts under £15

Merry blogmas!!!
This post is for Christmas stocking fillers which are affordable under the price of £15. These would also make great gift ideas for your friends. Enjoy!!!
One thing is this soap and glory body wash set. There are four flavours which are all great and the smells are delicious. The quality of this product is amazing I love the body shop and it never lets me down. This item came to a price of £6 which is really good.
The next couple of items are the Tanya burr products each one of her products are amazing and they never disappoint. One of them is the lipgloss and this is in afternoon tea which is such a beautiful colour. The next thing is the peach palette in this there is a bronze, blush and highlight each of these are great and they each have a shimmer to them which is pretty. I love Tanya's knew design of the products all the colours are so pretty.
This on is a major must have for Christmas and this is the glazed Apple scent from the body shop. This is so lovely this set and you get body wash and body butter. To be honest this is probably my favourite scent from the body shop so I always look forward to getting this for Christmas the Christmas season.
The soap and glory hand cream set is beautiful, I always love the smell from soap and glory. My favourite on is the lime flavoured I just think it is different to anyother scent I have had before. These make my hands so soft and work a lot better than what I expected.
These body butters make your skin so soft I have loads of these mini sets since in boots it was 3 for 2 this came to the price of £8 which is reasonable. Again my favourite scent is probably the lime. I think this would make a great gift for a friend and I'm sure they would love it.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Christmas essentials

Merry blogmas!!!
Today I thought I would do my Christmas essentials, I always love to see these posts because I like to know what everybody loves during the Christmas time of year.
The first thing on my list is probably the most important to me and that is lounge trousers. These ones are from Marks and Spencer's if you're wondering and they cost £12. They are so soft and are great to just lounge around in. I love the design on this as I love the reindeer and Christmas trees because they look so cute. During Christmas time I have a huge love for the colour red, I think this is down to robins as you only see them in winter.
Another thing on my essentials is wooly ear muffs, the even better thing about these ones in particular is that you can play music from them through Bluetooth. I got these last year for Christmas and when it was cold these were great and kept my ears warm.
A mini hot water bottle is a massive essential as when it's a cold night you can snuggle up to it and it will keep you nice and warm. Again I got this for Christmas so I don't know where this was from or how much it cost. I really love the fluffy cover and I think it looks really cute. This would also make a great gift for a friend who always says I'm cold.
I have already commented on how much I love red in Christmas so of course I am in love at the moment with my rim meld Kate moss lipstick in 107. It is such a pretty red and it leaves your lips moisturised after use and it tastes and smells good. A lot of people praise this product and rightfully so because it is just an amazing product.
What are your Christmas essentials?