Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Past reads

Today I was sorting through my room and at the back of my wardrobe I found this book and it brings back great memories. This was the first ever book I properly read on my own before I went to sleep and at times I found it so hard to put it down as I loved it so much. This was my favourite book for ages as I loved the storyline it got my mind going and I imagined everything that was going on. The magic faraway tree is great if you have a younger sibling or a daughter I'm not sure if boys would like it (I don't think they would) it is a great story and makes you want to carry on reading till late at night. I love the front cover of this book as it looks exciting with different pictures of the tree and the metallic gold stars as it makes them look like they're glowing, the name of the author is also glowing and it looks so bright. I really recommend this book if your child or sister love adventures and like to meet loads of new characters.

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