Wednesday, 27 May 2015


At the moment I think I am obsessed with  all candles they smell so nice all the time especially when they're burning. My favourite candle this week was the orange cranberry & cinnamon explosion by Ruby Bee which at first I wasn't that keen on truth be told as I thought it was too strong but when it was lit the smell started to soften so I love it now. It's almost ran out because I use it everyday the burning of it lasts for ages which is good for a candle so it has long last my one will probably last one more burn so I need to go and get a new one. Also this candle comes in a really cute tin which would be great to reuse for other things.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


I have been using this foundation now for a while as the coverage of it is amazing it spreads so easily over your face and you can tell the difference when you've got it on as it hides your spots really well without even putting concealer on. The colouring is so accurate to my skin tone my foundation is probably the lightest shade which is know surprise there. The only down part to the NARS foundation is that they don't always come with a pump so I pour it on the back of my hand and to much comes out and it's hard to put it back in the pot. If you have any advice of other products for me to try leave a comment down below.