Monday, 14 December 2015

Favourite youtubers this Christmas

Merry blogmas!!!
For the past week I haven't been feeling well so I've gone to school for a while. On my days off it can get very boring so I thought I would share some youtubers who I love to watch at the moment. Enjoy!!!

Zoella has always been one of my favourite youtubers and I love the fact that this year on both her channels she uploads a video everyday. On her vlog channel I love the intro it is just so cute. Her videos always put a smile on my face  and cheers me up if I had a bad day. I always love her fashion sense and her makeup is always great.
Alfie's vlogs are always great they never let me down, they are always upbeat and he always seems to be happy and then it makes me happy. He always vlogs everyday and he practically always uploads on time.
Sacconejolys are amazing youtubers they never post a video up late and they vlog everyday which must be hard. Eduardo and Emelia are both so cute and she looks like such a fab big sister. Their videos never fail they always make me happy and if I have a bad day I always look forward to 6O'Clock which I always look forward too.

Emily Canham is a new youtuber I have been watching recently and I think she is really good. Her videos are always on point and I always look forward to her videos when I see she has uploaded. My favourite videos she does is her beauty looks.

Eve is another youtuber I have recently found out about, and I love her videos so much. I love the fact that she is my age so I can relate to watch she says about how she has to revise. Her videos are always upbeat and are great. Also on her vlog channel the intro is so funny as she is dressed as an elf. LOVE IT!!
Tanya's vlogs this Christmas have been great I think they are better than last years and I thought that was great. I thought that earlier in the year, Tanya wasn't going to be doing vlogging this Christmas and I was so excited when I found out she was and I love her advent Callander!!


  1. I did a post very similar to this today as well & mentioned quite a few of the same YouTubers! :) I'm going to check out Emily and Eve as I've never watched them before.

    1. You should definitely check them out they are great youtubers