Monday, 30 November 2015

Why I love Christmas

Merry Blogmas!!!
Since it is now Christmas I thought I would do a list for why I love Christmas like I did Autumn. I have to admit I love Christmas it's the best part of the year and I hope you like my reasons for loving Christmas. Enjoy!!!
Reasons why I love Christmas:
•purchasing a Christmas tree is the start of Christmas for me as I love picking out that one which is just perfect
•decorating the tree is a huge love of mine because every year I get to put the star at the top of the tree.
•decorating the house with tinsel and holly leaves to make it Christmassy 
•counting down the days with the chocolate advent Callander, every morning waking up and getting some chocolate
•wrapping presents, I don't know why but I have always loved wrapping presents even from a young age
•sitting on the sofa watching Christmas films with my family 
•Christmas songs are a huge love of mine I start listening to Christmas music way in November
•from the body shop Apple glazed is my favourite scent it is basically just Christmas in one bottle
•snow, I love being the first person to walk in a patch of snow
•getting a new pair of pjs Christmas Eve every year we have done this ever since I can remember
What do you love about Christmas?

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Drugstore winter makeup

Merry Blogmas!!!
Since this is my first year blogging I thought I would do a merry blogmas and I'm going to post everyday until 25th December. Christmas is my favourite time of year and this makeup look is so pretty and Christmassy. For my Christmas look I have decided to do it drugstore so everything in this look is affirdable and you can get it all from super drug or boots. Enjoy!!!
To start off this look I do a simple base with the Rimmel wake me up concealer and foundation which has great coverage. To apply this I use the real techniques expert face brush which I love. On top of the base I use the natural collection powder so my makeup won't move during the day, I especially have to put it over my t-zone and my chin as they can get very oily. To put the powder on I use the real techniques blush brush although I know powder is not blush. 
I then apply the maybeline master sculpt with my real techniques contour brush and I apply this in the hollow of my cheeks and anywhere the  sun would hit in natural light. I then add my soap and glory blush to the apples of my cheeks because it looks pretty. This blush is beautiful as it has a little bit of shimmer on it and a subtle pink colour.

Once the whole face is done I move on to the eyes and I have been using the 17 eyeshadow. First I use the real techniques eye base brush and I use the lightest colour eyeshadow and place it all over my eye. This colour is beautiful as it has a little shimmer and looks pretty. Next I use the darker colour and place it in the crease of my eye to give the smokey eye effect.
Once those two steps have been done I take the maybeline liquid eyeliner and put it over the top of my eyelid and do a little flick. The final step for the eyes is mascara from natural collection it is not the best mascar but it was the only drugstore mascara I have.
Finally my favourite part of the whole look is the lips. I have been using the Rimmel Kate moss lipstick in 107 I find this red is just Christmas it looks so pretty. Also for some reason it reminds me of robins.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Outfit of the week

Sorry for not posting in a while, but to make it up to you every Sunday and Thursday at 5 pm I will always do a new blog post and also in the month of December I will be doing a merry blogmas so every night at 5 there will be a new post.
Over the past week I was thinking about what post should I do and then I put this outfit together and I loved it so I thought I would do outfit of the week. All of these clothes are from topshop because anyone who knows me, knows I am obsessed with topshop. Enjoy!!!
These boots are just amazing they are so comfy, in my opinion it did take two wears to get them super comfy but now I just constantly wear them. This is the first time I have bought shoes from topshop this is because I have narrow feet so at times I find it hard to get a pair of shoes which fit properly. These shoes are not too wide so I can get away with it but I do still have to put a foot soul in it so it would rise my feet up.
This jumper is just beautiful, I bought this last year from topshop because I went threw a stage of turtle knecks as they are so comfy. In the jumper there are three different colours the main one is blue but running through is a white and black colour. It is so soft and fits perfectly it is great to wear with leguins, skinny jeans or just anything in general I even wore it with a skirt and it looked so pretty. Oversized jumpers are just my favourites because they look good on practically everyone. The price of this was quite a lot at £36 I think which is quite reasonable for this jumper because I have had this for over a year.

The topshop Joni jeans are just amazing I love the slim, high wasted ones they fit perfectly and I have three pairs in different colours. Whenever I go shopping with my friends and they need a pair of jeans I'm always like go topshop. These trousers are expensive at £36 but they are worth the money as they last and so does the colour. These have lasted for so long and I know a lot of people recommend these trousers and if you get recommended them you should so buy them.