Friday, 10 July 2015

Summer essentials

I love summer so much especially the tanning but the burning not so much I hate it when you start to peel as my skin feels so dry. To help with peeling my essential lotion is the Vaseline (aloe fresh) as this really helps to sooth my skin. Another good point about this is that it's not to thick because there's nothing worst than a thick consistency as it makes you feel really sticky so I really recommend this. I love the smell of this its is so fresh smelling and I love it. 
Another problem with the sun is that it can cause my lips to become dry so I have to use lip balm and my favourite one at the moment is from body shop as it it keeps your lips silky smooth. The taste is really nice like cherrys and is quite sweet. 
One other thing is something I like but I feel as though I could of came up with it myself it's basically water in a can. When your lying in the sun and you want a refreshing sprites to call you down this is great as it lasts a long time and works really well. 
When it's summer a lot of the time I forget to drink water so I can feel unhydrated and this summer I've decided to drink 5 litres of water a day as I know it will help with spots as well.

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