Monday, 29 June 2015

My new purse

I can't believe that the sun has finally came out its starting to properly feel like summer now (me cheering).what a great way to start the summer buying a new summery purse. I got this from accessories and it was a great price. I love this purse as it makes me feel so summery with the bright bold orange leather on the outside as it just reminds me of summer. Another thing I like is the butterfly clasp as it just makes me love it cause I love butterfly's and it really adds to the summery effect. This purse also has lots of room for cards (excuse my subway card) and different places to put your money in. Also inside the purse is a really beautiful pattern with flowers and butterfly's on which is so pretty as it stands out great against the orange. This pattern doesn't just remind of summer it also reminds me of spring but I'm not sure why. Overall I think that the design of this great and stands out really well to other purses.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

If I stay

This book was actually a lot shorter than what I thought it would be and I think that it's quite good not to be too long. I like that Gayle Forman didn't blow this topic up into a book that was 400 pages long and he kept it to a nice amount of just over 200 pages. It's short but has a really sweet storyline.
I love this book as it's not really a proper chic flick. Also I love the storyline where she has the choice to die or live as its her choice and she can decide on her own. All her family died (mum, dad & brother) and she still had a family her friends, boyfriend & the rest the family so it gives the message that your parents aren't your only family and you can still make it in life with out them.
Last night was the first time I ever saw this film and I cried so much (I cry at loads of films) because I thought she was going to die.
Another thing I love about the book is that they Adam and Mia both like different music but they both go well together and is a really sweet story line I love it. I really recommend you read this if you haven't already.

Thursday, 25 June 2015


I have been loving my lipsticks at the moment cause I love the colours of all different lipsticks and they're all so pretty. Another thing is the price of these are great for there quality and I love it.
The two topshop lipsticks I have been wearing a lot at the moment are infrared and wicked they are both very bold colours and stand out on your lips. My other two lipsticks I've been loving are kiss me quick from seventeen and one from body shop which doesn't have a name. I always like it when lipsticks have their own names because it makes them seem more different to each other.
Infrared-I never thought to try topshop lipsticks before but this is a great lipstick from topshop and is beautiful. I have to admit this is more orange than red but I don't mind and it's very wearable plus it looks great with a tan in the summer. This lipstick applys smoothly to the lips and the pigment lasts all day.
Wicked-I love this lipstick and I have been trying to find a colour like this in my price range for ages and now I have and I like it. This is not drying to the lips and feels so smooth and silky to apply. If you apply it once you have a gorgeous berry colour and if you apply it again it has a beautiful dark maroon colour. I really recommend this if you haven't already got it.
Kiss me quick- I have only recently bought this lipstick and is my first time buying from seventeen. I bought three lipsticks on the same day and this one is my favourite. They've got a really nice, creamy texture and they last for ages even when eating and drinking. I really recommend this if your looking for a nude colour.
Body shop lipstick- I love the body shop lipsticks as they are all so pretty and I love them. They all have a creamy texture to them and leave a really smooth feel on your lips afterwards. The colour lasts long and looks amazing on your lips it is one of my favourites cause I love the colour so much.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Flutter eyeshadow

I've never been a girl for the bright bold colours with eyeshadow I'm a nude tone kind of girl and I've always been this way. I guess I just don't have the confidence yet to pull off a bright and bold colours.
This pallet is probably one of the most vibrant ones I have had as it has the bright purples in it (looks brighter in real life) but I still love it. This is great for doing a smokey eye look as the purples are in different shades and makes it work really well. I use all the colours but the one I don't really use the dark one (black) because it's to dark around my eyes and makes me look goth as I have dark brown eyes and dark hair.
The eyeshadow is really nice on your eyes because when you wipe it on your eyelid it grips to it and lasts for a long time. The design for this pallet is really nice with the stripes ( is it just me or does it remind you of jack wills)  I like it with the butterfly's as it makes me feel summery with all the butterfly's. I really recommend this if you haven't already as it's so gorgeous.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Essie nail polish

Eddie nail polish are my favourite as they are all so nice and pretty. The colours of them are so beautiful. I'm going to give a review on my 3 most favourite colours which are lilacism, Fiji and Jamaica me crazy. 
Lilacism- I'm normally one to stick to the classic dark red or dark maroon colours. I love a darker shade on my nails as I have quite fare skin and lighter colours can tend to wash me out. But this summer I wanted something different so I thought I'd try out this colour and I loved it. This is a perfect summer nail polish and I really recommend this for your next mani pedi.
Fiji- I bought this colour to replace another pale pink because my other one took 5-6 layers to get it opaque. Where as with Fiji it just takes 2 or 3 to get opaque which is great for a pastel colours. This polish is also great as it doesn't leave streaks on your nail which is great. I wear this polish loads and it will remain in my collection for a while. 
Jamaica me crazy- I love the name of this polish it's great. Perfect purpley-pink shade with a hot pink shimmer. I simply love this for all seasons on both fingers and toes. The texture of this nail polish is great when wet and dry as it is so smooth I love it and this will definitely stay in my collection. I have fallen in love with this colour.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Soap and Glory

These two products from soap and glory are my favourite out of this collection as they work so well on your skin and it makes a massive difference. Also these are not too expensive and you can find this in any boots shop.
Body scrub- this is the best scrub I have ever used as it's made the biggest difference to my arms and face. My arms used to be quite rough with bumps but since I've been using this for the past week my arms have felt so smooth and I love it. Another plus side to this product is that on your face it really helps get rid of black heads as it rubs them away really easily. Also the little balls inside are really pretty as its pink and looks really nice.
Body butter- this product is also great as it makes your skin silky smooth, this product basically is for after use from the first product I was talking about. This is really helpful to get rid of dry skin on your arms and legs it makes a real difference. As well if you've burnt yourself like I have before this is great it cools it down and soothes it and really helps you so I really recommend this product.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Coco Chanel

Hey guys at the moment I have been loving coco Chanel I find that all their products are at such a good quality and plus they are all so nice. I have recently found and fallen in love with the coco Chanel perfume as it smells so good. This is great as it's got quite a subtle smell but you can still smell it once it's on you and it keeps its fresh smell. Another reason why I love it is that it will last you a hole day and the smell will still be there. Another thing I have been loving from coco Chanel is these two lipgloss they are bothe such nice colours and are applied so nicely, once you've had them on it makes your lips so smooth it feels so great. The colours themselves are so pretty as the colours are bold but not to bright these two are my favourite colours and I really need a new one cause it's nearly ran out and I love it.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Pandora bracelet

I never see many people blog about pandora brackets so I'm going to give it ago. The pandora bracelets are a really good idea in my opinion because each charm means something to you for different reasons. I have two different bracelets as one is the normal metal one and the other one I have is a champagne leather coloured on which I love but you just can't put on as many charms on that one. The first ever charm I got was the teddy bear I wasn't really sure why I got it but I just really liked it as I thought it was cute. I got the four leaf clover charm from Ireland as it was my first time meeting some of my family who were from there and I loved visiting them as it was really nice to meet and I had a great experience. Another reason I love the pandora bracelets is that they're individual to everyone as many people will have all different charms to represent different things. The charms are quite expensive but if you want to treat yourself every noun again it's fine and if you got one every day that would be so expensive.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Bobbi brown set

I love this set from bobbi brown it's so beautiful and I love to put on the makeup because it's so nice. The lip gloss is great because it aplys so smoothly to your lips and it leaves a subtle glitter look where it's not to obvious but you can still see it. Also it tastes quite nice it's like a minty flavour which I love. I also like to use the finger lip glosses as they are really nice colours and don't show up really bright on your lips. With this I like to apply the normal lip gloss on top so it has a shimmery look for a good night out and at birthday party's. The eyeshadows are great because they're not really bright colours and plus they are great to do the smokey look on your eyes. I never usually use the black because it makes me look goth as I have dark brown eyes so it drowns them out. My favourite eyeshadow is the middle as its a really nice shade and it's like the Mac one I use. I love the way the eyeshadow feels when it's on your eyes as it grips to your eye so it will last basically the whole day.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Eco tools makeup brushes

These were my first set of makeup brushes and I got them two years ago and they're still lasting which is great. I love the quality of them and that there recycled so it's helping the environment. Another good thing is that they're not to expensive.
Blush brush- this is my favourite brush out of this set because it is just so soft and aplys just the right amount of blush on your face as its not to heavy on your skin. Also I love the way the way the brush is when you hold it cause I love the feel of the bamboo handle.
Concealer and eyeshadow- these two brushes are great as they are just perfect. The concealer brush is great for blending the makeup in to the corner of your eyes but I feel that it's not that great for blending it in round the nose but otherwise it's great. The eyeshadow brush is really soft and grabs just enough eyeshadow and aplys the makeup to the eye perfectly and blends it in.
Angled liner- this is great for doing eyebrows as its just at the perfect angle to make your eyebrows look great. This brush is also great for doing eyeliner with eyeshadow as it can be easy to do the flick and it looks great.
Foam applicator- I've never actually been sure what this is for but I use it sometimes to blend in concealer and help with the foundation but I've never been so sure.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Ted baker body spray

Do any of you have this sent of perfume where you only wear it on holiday cause it just brings back memory's. I first started wearing this when I went Tenireif two years ago and then when ever I smell this it puts me in a holiday mood. I've recently started wearing it again because I'm going on holiday in a few weeks. Now for the hard part I'm not very good at describing smells I find it really hard so here we go, when I ask people what they think it smells of and many of them say talcum powder which is fine cause I think  it smells so nice. I also love the packaging as I love the rose gold top as its so pretty and the pink is really nice. The ted baker sprays all have different names but polly is my favourite as its my holiday sent.

Monday, 8 June 2015


This time I'm going to be doing a favourites post a bit differently with my favourite books and my favourite dvd at the moment.
Switched-this book is one of my favourite books I have read in a while I would say that it's great for girls but I don't think boys would like it as much. I never used to read a lot but this book changed me and now I love reading I do it every night. This book sucks you in but you don't really realise till the end once you've finished it. I don't want to say to much cause I don't want to spoil it if you haven't read it but I love the story of them  where the trolls switch there kids with normal baby's but then get them back. I really recommend this book.
The maze runner- I'm sure many of you have heard a lot of reviews about this book and so it should cause it's great I've seen the movie for this but I personally think that the book is much better as it has more detail. Also a lot of people compare this to the hunger games and I agree it does remind you of it when you read it. The maze runner drags you in its so hard to stop reading cause I always want to know what's going to happen next.
Now you see me- it was one of my friends who showed me this DVD last weekend and I'm glad they did cause I've watched this now five times I hope I never get bored of this. If you haven't seen this film yet I totally recommend you do cause I think you'll love it. When I first saw this I thought it was going to be a bit boring but I was wrong. 

Saturday, 6 June 2015


I know a lot of people praise this but rightfully so because this is just amazing. It works really well to get rid of all makeup on your face and lip makeup as well but it says that it removes eye makeup but I actually don't think it does that is the only thing which buggs me about this. I love this product the thing about the eye makeup isn't that bad I just love the rest of this product. I like the fact it doesn't have a sent as some can be really strong and not nice. When you compare this product to a face wipe it's great because with a wipe your scrubbing at your face where as the Garnier product is much softer to the skin and I have found a massive difference since I bought this on my skin. 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

May favourites

Hey guys here are my May favourites it was really hard to just narrow it down to these 5 items as I have loved so many beauty products so far. Sorry that my brushes aren't clean in this picture.
Real techniques (expert face brush)-this brush has been my favourite for probably the whole of this year so far. It's great as its good for blending in concealer around the nose and eyes. I love the way it spreads the foundation on your skin and I have recommended this brush to many of my friends and they have loved it themselves.
Real techniques (bold metal, arched powder 100 brush)-the minute I got this brush out the packaging I knew I would love it, with the white bristles at first I didn't want to use it as I didn't want them getting dirty as it looked so clean. The benefit of the bristles being white is that you can see how much powder you have put on the brush so whether you've got to much or not. It's great for applying the powder and so soft against the skin.
Rimmel (wake me up concealer)- this is amazing it opens up and brightens your face straight away I can tell a massive difference once it's put on my face straight away. This is one of my must have products as soon as I've ran out I go out and get a new one I put it on everyday just to cover up my spots. I have quite dark circles under my eyes and this really helps get rid of them.
Eyes uncovered (eyeshadow)- the set of eye shadows here are beautiful as I love a shuttle look this is great for me as they have all the colours I could ever ask for. Also I love the names of the colour of eyeshadows because they're named after chocolates and drinks e.g white chocolate, buttercream, biscuit, chocolate milk, brown sugar & espresso. I love the way it feels when it's been applied to my eye as you barely feel it like some and it aplys perfectly.
Infrared (topshop lipstick)- I love the colour of this as its bright and bold and its not just orange as it has a hint of red with it. It aplys really well to the lips which is smooth but after a while with it on your lips it can start to go a bit weird so during the day I recommend that you just keep reapplying it. With the topshop lipsticks I love them all as the colours all vary and they're all so nice but this is my favourite one.