Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Eve GRWM

Merry Blogmas!!
I can't believe it is Christmas Eve already, this month has gone past so quick I can't believe it. For this post I am going to go through what I might wear for Christmas Eve. Enjoy!!!
First thing to this is the Coco Chanel lipgloss, as the outfit is practically all black I thought I would add a bit of colour with this pinky red lip gloss.

The shoes are my favourite I love them so much, they were purchased from topshop. They are so comfy to wear. I am in love!!! Next thing is this skirt and again it is from topshop. I love the detailing with the black and gray it looks so pretty. It is quite short so if you feel uncomfortable in short skirts I wouldn't recommend but I do wear tights with it.
I have worn this top a lot this week because it is so comfy. This is from new look and it looks so good. I love the sleeves because they are not long and they are also not too short.
What's your Christmas Eve outfit?

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