Saturday, 12 December 2015

Dealing with a cold

Merry blogmas!!!
Dealing with a cold at Christmas honestly has to be the worst, with the sore throat, blocked nose and coughing fits. I thought I would share with you some of the things I do when I get a cold. Enjoy!!!
One thing which helps me is a warm black current squash, I didn't like the taste of it warm at first but I got use to it so I really love it now. Epparently it helps with your sinuses and opens them up what ever that means but it still seems to work well.
When you have a blocked nose you should try and use soft tissue because it doesn't hurt your nose as much. Another tip for your nose is at night time put Vaseline on your nose so when you wake up in the morning it will not hurt and it will feel soft.
Soothers are for your throat when it hurts, I love the black current flavour because I love the taste it is the best when you get to the middle and the liquid comes out.
These active health gummy things in my opinion are great for colds because it gives you a boost of energy. Colds are always really draining these are great.
What do you do to get rid of a cold?


  1. Oh no! Are you ill? If so, then I hope you feel better soon! These are all really good tips, Soothers always really help me when I have a sore throat. :)


    1. I love soothers they always help and at the moment I'm suffering with a really bad throat

  2. Feel better soon darling- being sick is the worst!! Get plenty of rest :)

    1. I'm getting their and I'm having plenty of rest