Thursday, 30 July 2015


Today I went in super drug with my friends and they all tried to persuade me to buy a Kate moss lipstick as they say these lipsticks are amazing. Also whilst wondering round super drug I came to the Tanya burr part and I decided to pick up the lipgloss in chic.
The Rimmel Kate moss lipstick I picked up is 34 as I loved the colour of it, I've been searching for ages to find the right shade of a pinky nude lipstick and this colour was the exact one I've been looking for. This applys so smoothly to the lips and looks really pretty. It is creamy, long lasting, pigmented and is great value for the amount of money. I wore this today and it is long lasting and doesn't rub off when you eat. I wish that these lipsticks though have names instead of numbers. I am definitely going to buy some more colours as I love it.
Over the past month I have been loving lip glosses as they make my lips feel so smooth after applying. This colour is so pretty and subtle it just has a little bit of shimmer. It is so easy to apply with the applicator and I love the size as it can easily fit in your bag. I am in LOVE with the smell, does anyone else remember them lolly pops where you have to open a little plastic box to get to the lolly and you can close it, it smells like the strawberry version and it brings back so many memories.


  1. Im a big fan of the kate moss lipsticks! <3

  2. Lovely pics! I love your blog:)