Monday, 29 June 2015

My new purse

I can't believe that the sun has finally came out its starting to properly feel like summer now (me cheering).what a great way to start the summer buying a new summery purse. I got this from accessories and it was a great price. I love this purse as it makes me feel so summery with the bright bold orange leather on the outside as it just reminds me of summer. Another thing I like is the butterfly clasp as it just makes me love it cause I love butterfly's and it really adds to the summery effect. This purse also has lots of room for cards (excuse my subway card) and different places to put your money in. Also inside the purse is a really beautiful pattern with flowers and butterfly's on which is so pretty as it stands out great against the orange. This pattern doesn't just remind of summer it also reminds me of spring but I'm not sure why. Overall I think that the design of this great and stands out really well to other purses.


  1. Really nice buy :) Super cute!

  2. Oh this is such a beautiful purse, I do love accessorize anyway though! The colour is so summer-y and the floral print is absolutely gorgeous :D