Sunday, 19 July 2015

Floral shorts

Today I went for a trip down Birmingham in search for summer clothes as most my clothes are for winter so it's the time of year (yaaaaay) which I love as I get to buy a whole new wardrobe for summer time. When I was going through the shops and I got into miss selfridge I found these shorts and fell in love at first sight. These shorts were reasonable priced at £28 as they are great quality. I love the design of these shorts with the flowers as it makes me feel so summery and I can't wait to wear it in Tenerife. The flowers are so pretty with a streak of pink in them as it gives a great effect. The material is really soft and feels quite silky which is a really nice feeling. I also like the fact that it has a hook to keep it up instead of a button as I find buttons really hard sometimes and the clasp is much easier. When I was trying on these shorts I was thinking what should I wear with them and I was thinking a pretty little vest top like at the bottom picture or a really cute shirt. I decided to wear a black vest top as it will make the colour of the flowers stand out more.

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