Thursday, 2 July 2015

Favourite body mist

Over June I have been loving these three sprays they are all so fresh smelling and are also at a reasonable price. All of these are my favourite this month but one I would mostly lean towards would be my ted baker cause I love it. I find that it leaves a fresh smell through the whole day so when the wind blows you get a quick smell and I love it when that happens. I also love the design of the packaging with the bright coloured buildings as they stand out so well (partly I just love pink). In close second is my Hollister spray as it smells so sweet if your not keen on sweet sents I don't recommend this for you. With this you have to spray more than once a day if you want to keep the sent throughout the day and I love the pink flowers. My jack wills is another favourite as the smell is so nice and long lasting. I just love though how it will last you ages as I've had it for two months now and it looks like I've never used it but I love it. Also here's a tip for a hot day you can put your spray in the fridge and then when you spray it will cool you down a bit.

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