Thursday, 25 June 2015


I have been loving my lipsticks at the moment cause I love the colours of all different lipsticks and they're all so pretty. Another thing is the price of these are great for there quality and I love it.
The two topshop lipsticks I have been wearing a lot at the moment are infrared and wicked they are both very bold colours and stand out on your lips. My other two lipsticks I've been loving are kiss me quick from seventeen and one from body shop which doesn't have a name. I always like it when lipsticks have their own names because it makes them seem more different to each other.
Infrared-I never thought to try topshop lipsticks before but this is a great lipstick from topshop and is beautiful. I have to admit this is more orange than red but I don't mind and it's very wearable plus it looks great with a tan in the summer. This lipstick applys smoothly to the lips and the pigment lasts all day.
Wicked-I love this lipstick and I have been trying to find a colour like this in my price range for ages and now I have and I like it. This is not drying to the lips and feels so smooth and silky to apply. If you apply it once you have a gorgeous berry colour and if you apply it again it has a beautiful dark maroon colour. I really recommend this if you haven't already got it.
Kiss me quick- I have only recently bought this lipstick and is my first time buying from seventeen. I bought three lipsticks on the same day and this one is my favourite. They've got a really nice, creamy texture and they last for ages even when eating and drinking. I really recommend this if your looking for a nude colour.
Body shop lipstick- I love the body shop lipsticks as they are all so pretty and I love them. They all have a creamy texture to them and leave a really smooth feel on your lips afterwards. The colour lasts long and looks amazing on your lips it is one of my favourites cause I love the colour so much.

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