Saturday, 5 December 2015

Christmas essentials

Merry blogmas!!!
Today I thought I would do my Christmas essentials, I always love to see these posts because I like to know what everybody loves during the Christmas time of year.
The first thing on my list is probably the most important to me and that is lounge trousers. These ones are from Marks and Spencer's if you're wondering and they cost £12. They are so soft and are great to just lounge around in. I love the design on this as I love the reindeer and Christmas trees because they look so cute. During Christmas time I have a huge love for the colour red, I think this is down to robins as you only see them in winter.
Another thing on my essentials is wooly ear muffs, the even better thing about these ones in particular is that you can play music from them through Bluetooth. I got these last year for Christmas and when it was cold these were great and kept my ears warm.
A mini hot water bottle is a massive essential as when it's a cold night you can snuggle up to it and it will keep you nice and warm. Again I got this for Christmas so I don't know where this was from or how much it cost. I really love the fluffy cover and I think it looks really cute. This would also make a great gift for a friend who always says I'm cold.
I have already commented on how much I love red in Christmas so of course I am in love at the moment with my rim meld Kate moss lipstick in 107. It is such a pretty red and it leaves your lips moisturised after use and it tastes and smells good. A lot of people praise this product and rightfully so because it is just an amazing product.
What are your Christmas essentials?

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