Thursday, 3 December 2015

Christmas wish list

Merry blogmas!!!
Happy 3rd of December guys. Today in this post I thought I would show you some of my beauty items I have put on my Christmas list in case any of you guys are stuck on what to put on your list for Christmas.
One of the first things I put on my list was the urban decay palette's 1 and 2, I chose these because both of them look so pretty and seem to have easy to use colours. I decided not to put the naked 3 on as I don't really know what I would with them colours.
Another thing I put on my list was these two Mac lipsticks one in Brave and the other in Plumful. These two colours look so pretty and seem to be a quite subtle colour.

The next part of my list is all drugstore, one thing is the maybeline mascara and I've decided to get this as so many of my friends have recommended this to me.
Another thing is the collection contour kit, it seems really good and has great quality. I am also asking for the maybeline master sculpt as I have seen so many you tubers mentioning this and it get such a lot of praise. The other thing is the soap and glory 'well I'll be glammed' this looks like such a good set and I have the blush already from this set and it is so pretty so thought I would ask for this.

These zoeva brushes are so pretty and seem to be really good quality, I asked for these for my birthday but I didn't get them so I want them for Christmas. This Charlotte Tilbury set is georgeous it's very privet but it is Christmas so I thought I would add it anyway. This makeup is such great high quality and the lipstick from here is amazing. I love rose gold!!

The last thing on my list is this Liz Earle set because it has such great products and a big variety on loads of skin care. I have recently been watching Eve Benett on YouTube and she comments on Liz Earle a lot so I thought I would try it out. Also a lot of people comment on this saying each product is long lasting and smells great so I think I will love it.

What's on your Christmas list?

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