Saturday, 13 June 2015

Bobbi brown set

I love this set from bobbi brown it's so beautiful and I love to put on the makeup because it's so nice. The lip gloss is great because it aplys so smoothly to your lips and it leaves a subtle glitter look where it's not to obvious but you can still see it. Also it tastes quite nice it's like a minty flavour which I love. I also like to use the finger lip glosses as they are really nice colours and don't show up really bright on your lips. With this I like to apply the normal lip gloss on top so it has a shimmery look for a good night out and at birthday party's. The eyeshadows are great because they're not really bright colours and plus they are great to do the smokey look on your eyes. I never usually use the black because it makes me look goth as I have dark brown eyes so it drowns them out. My favourite eyeshadow is the middle as its a really nice shade and it's like the Mac one I use. I love the way the eyeshadow feels when it's on your eyes as it grips to your eye so it will last basically the whole day.

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  1. Oooh this looks lovely! I bet it would suit any season with all the natural tones, and the lipgloss is a beautiful colour. I might have to get this now hehe : )