Friday, 12 June 2015

Eco tools makeup brushes

These were my first set of makeup brushes and I got them two years ago and they're still lasting which is great. I love the quality of them and that there recycled so it's helping the environment. Another good thing is that they're not to expensive.
Blush brush- this is my favourite brush out of this set because it is just so soft and aplys just the right amount of blush on your face as its not to heavy on your skin. Also I love the way the way the brush is when you hold it cause I love the feel of the bamboo handle.
Concealer and eyeshadow- these two brushes are great as they are just perfect. The concealer brush is great for blending the makeup in to the corner of your eyes but I feel that it's not that great for blending it in round the nose but otherwise it's great. The eyeshadow brush is really soft and grabs just enough eyeshadow and aplys the makeup to the eye perfectly and blends it in.
Angled liner- this is great for doing eyebrows as its just at the perfect angle to make your eyebrows look great. This brush is also great for doing eyeliner with eyeshadow as it can be easy to do the flick and it looks great.
Foam applicator- I've never actually been sure what this is for but I use it sometimes to blend in concealer and help with the foundation but I've never been so sure.

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