Sunday, 14 June 2015

Pandora bracelet

I never see many people blog about pandora brackets so I'm going to give it ago. The pandora bracelets are a really good idea in my opinion because each charm means something to you for different reasons. I have two different bracelets as one is the normal metal one and the other one I have is a champagne leather coloured on which I love but you just can't put on as many charms on that one. The first ever charm I got was the teddy bear I wasn't really sure why I got it but I just really liked it as I thought it was cute. I got the four leaf clover charm from Ireland as it was my first time meeting some of my family who were from there and I loved visiting them as it was really nice to meet and I had a great experience. Another reason I love the pandora bracelets is that they're individual to everyone as many people will have all different charms to represent different things. The charms are quite expensive but if you want to treat yourself every noun again it's fine and if you got one every day that would be so expensive.

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