Saturday, 27 June 2015

If I stay

This book was actually a lot shorter than what I thought it would be and I think that it's quite good not to be too long. I like that Gayle Forman didn't blow this topic up into a book that was 400 pages long and he kept it to a nice amount of just over 200 pages. It's short but has a really sweet storyline.
I love this book as it's not really a proper chic flick. Also I love the storyline where she has the choice to die or live as its her choice and she can decide on her own. All her family died (mum, dad & brother) and she still had a family her friends, boyfriend & the rest the family so it gives the message that your parents aren't your only family and you can still make it in life with out them.
Last night was the first time I ever saw this film and I cried so much (I cry at loads of films) because I thought she was going to die.
Another thing I love about the book is that they Adam and Mia both like different music but they both go well together and is a really sweet story line I love it. I really recommend you read this if you haven't already.

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